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Harsh Reality with a Sweet Dream

Karin is having a hard time this frigid winter. To begin with, her deadbeat, criminal boyfriend left her with their newborn baby girl Dream. Add to this that she has almost no cash left, no job, practically no food in the house and must use the least amount of electricity she can, so they don't turn that off. The worst part is she's about to lose her home and her car. Karin must find a way out of this problem, and Karolina Ramqvist's novel is all about her search for an answer.


Sweden's bestselling author Karolina Ramqvist brings us a story touted as a powerful novel of "betrayal and empowerment." This short but complex study centers around how one woman, alone and lonely, is forced to grab at anything she can that might pull her out of abject despair after her criminal boyfriend abandons her with a newborn baby, with no money or prospects and the looming loss of her home. You can read the rest of my review  here.

Source: http://drchazan.blogspot.com/2017/05/harsh-reality-with-sweet-dream.html